Getting back into alignment and GIVING

I haven’t written a blog post in a little while.  I want whatever I post to feel good and authentic and real.  I think I was feeling a bit out of alignment the past few months.  I realized something through the process of yoga teacher training about Life in Session and what it means to me.  My ultimate goal is to help people going through cancer whether it is the patient or a family member or friend.  I just want to help people.  Then, there is the tricky part around making money and my own survival.  It has felt out of alignment meshing the two.

I don’t have the exact answer just yet on how to make this all work and I’m exploring a lot of options!!  I might end up making Life in Session a non-profit.  I don’t know just yet and that’s okay.  What I’m doing in the meantime is two fold:

1. I am refocusing my energy here at Life in Session to GIVING.  I’m getting back to content.  How can I share and give my knowledge with the world?  I am just going to start giving and sharing and giving some more.  That’s what I want to do right now.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert talks in her book “Big Magic” about not expecting your creativity and what you love to make you money.  This REALLY hit home with me.  Life in Session is something I’m creating from my heart and my pain, struggle and growth.  It’s what I want to share with the world.  I have let go of the notion that it has to make me money to survive.  Instead, I have turned back to my other skills to generate income for myself - sales and being a chef.  I enjoy these things very much and income flows to me in these realms!!  Thank God!  So, I am letting go of Life in Session needing to make me money.  Maybe that will shift at some point or maybe I will convert it into a non-profit.  I have a lot of thoughts and ideas around it all.  For the time being, I’m just letting it be a space where I share myself, my cancer journey and my growth and love with the world.  That’s enough for right now.

What’s my point of sharing all of this with you?  Transparency and honesty.  Like I said, I can’t create things and put myself out into the world in my writing or videos if it doesn’t feel authentic.  I can’t fake things.  It’s not in my DNA.  If you were with me in person, you would see it in my face.  I have the anti-poker face!!!

What does that look like moving forward?  More writing, more videos, more interviews - more sharing.  Lots more sharing.  I am giving myself permission to share and be creative and to see how this all unfolds.  THAT speaks to my heart and hopefully it speaks to all of you as well.

Thank you for being a part of my journey so far and I hope you stick around to see what’s next for Life in Session!!!