Interview with Casey Gouveia of GO BE YOU! Skin care, self love and so much more!

Today I am excited to share an interview with such an uplifting, beautiful soul - Casey Gouveia!! Casey is a professional makeup artist AND a health coach with an incredible story and such wisdom to share. I will also be sharing her amazing bone broth recipe through my email list.  To sign up and make sure you don't miss it, click HERE!!!  Enjoy and to learn more about Casey and connect with her directly, see below!!! 

Casey Gouveia is the founder of GoBeYou. A coaching program to help YOU become THE HEALTHIEST, THE BEAUTIFUL, THE BEST YOU! As a health coach and professional makeup artist, Casey is on a mission to help people live a HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL...JOYFUL LIFE at ANY AGE!! Thru private coaching, workshops, cleanses and retreats, she helps guide people on their journey BACK to HEALTH. Casey is full of life experience, extensive knowledge and POSITIVITY ! Working with a lot of stressed out women, she understands the need to not only FEEL GOOD but LOOK GOOD!! Therefore her coaching includes skincare rituals and personal beauty makeovers. Her own product line includes GoBeYou.SKIN SERUM, YOUTH GLUE and GoBeYou.SELFCARE KITS. These are FOOD FOR YOUR FACE and SERUM FOR YOUR SOUL. For more info please contact Casey at or visit her on Instagram GOBEYOU.US ,FACEBOOK GOBEYOU or CASEY GOUVEIA.