Hearing the words "It's Cancer" is one of the worst things any person can hear from a doctor.  No one is prepared for what comes next, but there is a better way.  I work with cancer patients as a "Cancer Doula" to create a plan that feels supportive and empowering.  I provide a safe space, vital information and empathetic support.  We create a healing plan together to help you walk through treatment without having to stress over the small details.  I've been in your shoes.  Let me support you and walk with you on this journey.  You are stronger than you know.

I will be there to support you

through every step of your journey.

My promise to you.....

I promise to walk through this dark time with you and make it a little brighter.  

I promise to be a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

I promise to help make the difficult more manageable. 

I promise to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself, your life and your body.

I promise to share every tip, trick and idea on how to manage the mental and physical struggles.  

I promise to bring light into your life.   

I promise to help you fight like hell.  

I promise to listen.  Always listen to you, your needs, your wants, hopes and dreams.  

I promise to hold the space for you to hurt and to hope.  

I am on your side.  I want you to know that you are not alone while fighting this nasty disease.  


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